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Rick Bailey

A Final 2012 Message From Andy 12-31

andyjd is down with ear problems, so we decided to let Andy Rooney give you a little recap of events from 2012. It’s only a little over 5 minutes long, but we hope it brings a final smile to your face. We’ll see you again in 2013! Andy’s Recap Of 2012

Todd Akin And Other Buttheads 8-20

Having used the last show to talk about jury duty, Hatdrakes/McBails, and a little complaint about a popular song, jd and Rick use this episode to get caught up on a few rants. Rick had a miserable time returning a little item at Best Buy, and jessica is less than enthralled with Mitt Romney’s nominee for VP. Rick’s music rant is about a Rock & Roll classic…Nights In White Satin. Both were nearly dumbfounded by MO Rep. Todd Akin’s asinine comments regarding “legitimate” rape. Whether misspoken or not, Akin is an early front-runner for Asshole Of The Year. STFU 142

Rick Finally Sees The Liberty Bell 6-17

As jessica is back, fresh from Philly, Rick gets to finally see the Liberty Bell…in the form of a souvenir (pictured). jd recounts her trip, which mostly went well. The exception being one slap-happy fan who was asked to leave. The talk then turns to Rick’s hiatus from all things Internet and TV. Lastly, the talk turns to a sperm-squirting squid in the news, and what the hosts will (and won’t) drink for money.  STFU 126