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jessica drake

jessica’s End Of Summer Party 9-3

The new STFU Show begins with a nice recap of jessica and Brad’s pool party. From the guests to the hired help, everyone seems to have had a good time. jessica reveals that nobody on Twitter guessed what she sent Rick to the store to buy…uncooked rice. Seems rice is a cure for a waterlogged iPhone (Brad’s). For Rick’s Hate Song, he voices a little displeasure with Neil Diamond’s classic I Am, I Said. Lots of other stuff too! STFU 145

Todd Akin And Other Buttheads 8-20

Having used the last show to talk about jury duty, Hatdrakes/McBails, and a little complaint about a popular song, jd and Rick use this episode to get caught up on a few rants. Rick had a miserable time returning a little item at Best Buy, and jessica is less than enthralled with Mitt Romney’s nominee for VP. Rick’s music rant is about a Rock & Roll classic…Nights In White Satin. Both were nearly dumbfounded by MO Rep. Todd Akin’s asinine comments regarding “legitimate” rape. Whether misspoken or not, Akin is an early front-runner for Asshole Of The Year. STFU 142

jd, Octomom, And Dr. Drew 6-25

jessica has just returned from taping the Dr. Drew Show with Octomom Nadya Suleman. While Dr. Drew was his professional self, the appearance was, overall, a sandbagging. Drew’s Loveline co-host Simone Bienne proceeded to put down jd’s chosen profession, all the while professing “not to judge”. This didn’t escape Rick’s notice, and after jessica recapped the show, Rick jumped on the imported shrew for all he was worth. At one point, even jessica tried to rein him in, but Rick’s curmudgeon had already been unleashed. Lastly, Rick makes a plea to Octomom to be a guest. We’ll keep you apprised. STFU 129

Rick Finally Sees The Liberty Bell 6-17

As jessica is back, fresh from Philly, Rick gets to finally see the Liberty Bell…in the form of a souvenir (pictured). jd recounts her trip, which mostly went well. The exception being one slap-happy fan who was asked to leave. The talk then turns to Rick’s hiatus from all things Internet and TV. Lastly, the talk turns to a sperm-squirting squid in the news, and what the hosts will (and won’t) drink for money.  STFU 126