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Jillian Barberie, Prince Harry, And Prince Alberts 9-10

The new STFU starts with Rick’s frustration with most of the shows. He says he’s just a very tough critic, but jessica thinks he’s faking it. This leads to jessica asking about men who fake orgasms. Rick states there’s no such thing. Later, jessica explains what a Twitter bot is, and how there are those in the adult industry who pay for Twitter “followers”.
Rick wonders why he’s never been on jessica’s Playboy Show, but then describes how he attended Fashion Night Out in OC to meet Jillian Barberie Reynolds (pictured), all in the name of giving her some STFU swag, and to see if she’ll come on the show. Rick says he wants to do more than just the 2 shows per week, and asks jd how best to spend this extra energy. Somehow, the discussion morphs into talk about genital piercings. Lastly, Rick and jessica discuss just a few movies jessica hasn’t seen, but Rick notes she HAS seen Fame and Grumpy Old Men. Sad…so sad. STFU 148

Earbuds And Twitter Wars 9-9

jessica’s photo shoot starts off this all new STFU Show. Partly in an effort to produce new promo, and partly to help keep some of her friends working, jd has some great new photos that will be available soon (pictured). Later jessica and Rick discuss the Democratic National Convention, not so much in terms of policy, but more about how effective the speakers were.
Rick took part in a Twitter “War”, which jessica compares more to a Twitter skirmish. Later, she thinks something is askew with her Fleshlight. As a test, jessica elects to give it a “sniff” test. Rick is appalled. Rick is really pissed at earbud manufacturers, as he’s gone through many pairs for seemingly no reason. Lastly, Rick is disgusted with how Hank Williams Jr. has recently spoke of the President. And Rick comes up with a new way for jessica to indicate she’s not interested in a topic. STFU 147