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Guest Verena King 11-20

In this 2nd show sans jessica drake (shooting her new MMA feature), Rick brings in an LA mover and personal friend, Verena King of Verena King PR. She tells her story of how she became owner of a public relations agency, and what’s on her iPod as she drives between LA and Las Vegas. Rick also joins her in a discussion of how a publicist would handle someone like Lindsay Lohan. Good show. STFU 164

Kylie Ireland And Andy Appleton 11-19

While jessica is off on an ass-kicking (literally) shoot, Rick ventures ahead for the 1st STFU Show ever recorded in studio. But he isn’t alone. He’s invited a great mutual friend along, Kylie Ireland. They discuss her early days as well as what she’s involved in today…street art with her hubby (view here) Later, Kylie’s husband Andy Appleton is invited in to explain the unique way they met. STFU 163

Free Speech Positive Image Award 11-12

For some reason, after describing the thrill of getting the Free Speech Coalition’s Image Award, jd gets on the subject of what songs Rick can get off to. For every artist jessica names, Rick states he can climax to them, and may already have. Later Rick rants about McDonald’s’ selective pricing of their $1 drinks. This leads to jessica tossing out a mini-rant about movie theater food. Rick and jd discuss her appearance on CNN; she wasn’t thrilled with the overall result. STFU 162

Veteran’s Day 11-11

jd and Rick start this new STFU Show by doing a brief recap of what transpired on election day. Everything from the Presidential vote to Roseanne Barr to why Rick decided to vote. Later they talk about the mother of Ariel Winter (of Modern Family), who has been accused of child abuse, and how she replied by saying publicly that her daughter and her 18 year-old boyfriend were caught having “illegal sex”. The story is disturbing to both our hosts, as Rick wonders why the rape shield law doesn’t apply. The duo then talk a little about some things they got away with as kids themselves.

Lastly, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention how much we owe the veterans of this country. Regardless of the war being fought, they signed up for service, and often were sent to missions they didn’t understand, but knew they had to carry out. For all brave men and women who have ever worn a US uniform, jessica and Rick salute you! STFU 161