Heading to TN

CamryA new STFU Show was promised, and I delivered, albeit this show is a tad shorter than what we’re used to. So what’s on the agenda? A new driving annoyance (of course), the return of my stuttering masseuse Cha-ching, and why I wash a 13 year-old car religiously. Toss in a little bitching about cigarette borrowers and strange Twitter accounts, and voila, another STFU Show for the scrapbook…or is it scrapheap? I always get those two confused. Anyway, Enjoy! STFU 179

Tip And Say Goodbye

Brand new sshelbe changhow. Yee haw! I explain the putting together of this show, and how I basically started from scratch about a week ago. I have the usual grumblings about fast food, and the boobs wandering around SoCal without a leash, then talk about my painful split from Cha-ching. It was so painful that I had to put it into a song. Enjoy! Lastly, because Hungry Trucker suggested it (well, sort of), I bring back the listener theme, updated to my new surroundings. Not bad for a hairlip.

Pictured is transgender model/actress Shelbe Chang, who has a nice cameo in the show. STFU 178

6 Finger And Cha-Ching

SixfingerRThis show was recorded in segments, the last while I was very sick, so you might notice a little change in my voice toward the end of the show. I talk about my masseuse Cha-ching, crossing the line of our relationship by asking me to pick up panty-liners on the way to my massage, golfing while sick, the dumbest toy EVER (see the original commercial by clicking here), and how I hit someone with my car. Yeah, good times. STFU 177

Zimmerman And Asiana Pilots

zimmermanHi all! I’m back behind the mic (not a gay term btw) because I just couldn’t let this Zimmerman case drift away without sharing my perspective. It’s not really the typical “ha ha” you’re used to, but maybe you’ll identify with what I’m saying. What IS “ha ha” is the KVVU reporter who doesn’t bother reading her copy before making a horse’s ass of herself on the air, and the Asiana response to their pilots being “named”. If you want the full version, click here. I close with a little bitching about two of my favorite subjects…pedestrians and freeways. Enjoy! STFU 176a