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A Dear Friend Returns 2-27

STFU 174Every now and again a situation presents itself and magic happens. This isn’t one of those times. BUT Rick is joined by original STFU C0-host jessica drake, and she breaks away from her busy schedule to Skype a show. And because it’s Skype, the sound is less than perfect, and the call was dropped, and the video slowed down the connection and…I could go on, but why not just listen? Rick and jessica talk about the Oscars, meaning the awards show and the Olympic runner who shot his girlfriend. They also chat up Adele, Chris Dorner, and Rick presents his new “Assistant”, who is also named jessica drake. Great fun! STFU 174

AND just because we’re grateful: jessicadrake.com, wicked.com, wickedrealdoll.com

Have A Merry Tranny Christmas

rick_stfuFor those who wish to download Have A Merry Tranny Christmas, without suffering through the additional 18 minutes of Rick’s gripes/laments, here is the song as a stand-alone. Enjoy! In fact, play it in your workplace! Make sure you have your resignation handy. Have A Merry Tranny Christmas

A Final 2012 Message From Andy 12-31

andyjd is down with ear problems, so we decided to let Andy Rooney give you a little recap of events from 2012. It’s only a little over 5 minutes long, but we hope it brings a final smile to your face. We’ll see you again in 2013! Andy’s Recap Of 2012

Final Show For 2012

piano feltIf you listen to the Mayans, this is the final STFU Show ever. If you listen to jd and Rick, it’s just the last show for 2012. Rick is back from his holiday in TN, jessica is still in the snowy Great White North. Rick goes through a few gripes about Starbucks (surprise) and how a store at Barnes & Noble refused to honor his birthday drink. He also shares that he peered down a mentally challenged woman’s blouse. It didn’t get the reaction from jessica he thought it would. During the show Rick also talks about how Ma Bailey didn’t throw out anything from his youth, as proven by the slideshow here. jd does say that holidays in Canada are a little more festive compared to LA. Lastly, the duo talk briefly about the tragedy in CT. Here is the CNN link to what is required before gun ownership in Japan, where there were 11 deaths from guns last year. Here is jessica’s link to the story on CNN concerning the hacker group Anonymous and their battle with the Westboro Baptist Church Assholes. And now, the final STFU 168

Happy Holidays From Everyone (meaning jd & Rick) At STFU!